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  • Why Choose Us?
    Direct Maids Consultancy is an one-stop solution for all your maids hiring needs in Singapore. We pride ourselves on reliable with short lead-times service.
  • Our Profession
    Our services range from maid hire, direct maids hire, consultation services and to other maid services such as lodging and passport renewal.
  • Myanmar & Indonesian Maids
    We specialise in Myanmar and Indonesian maids. Our one-stop service covers all associated services on bringing the most relevant maid to your doorsteps.


Who We Are?

Direct Maids Consultancy

Direct Maids Consultancy Pte Ltd is a highly motivated, agile, youthful and spirited organisation that understands and operates in the world’s digital employment community. We are obsessive about understanding our customers’ wants, needs and create products and services that satisfied their appetite. By understanding our customers, creating breathtaking service and products, enduring relationships will be born. Our ambition is to provide you with a helper that meets your needs as easy and painless as possible.

Our Quality Values

Full Transparency

We comply strictly with MOM regulation and guidelines.

No Hidden Cost

We are fully transparent with our fees.

True & Accurate Biodata

No falsification of age, education and background.

Proper Matching

We match you based according to your needs!

Full After Sales Service

We are just a phone call away.